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Listen to what Ridesteady owners are saying.

Bellingham, WA
2007 Supreme V208

The unit performs flawlessly. I’m very happy! I guess you could say Ridesteady gets a “perfect pass”ing grade. Feature for feature, Ridesteady is clearly the best value--hands down!

Thanks for everything.


2007 Supreme V208
2007 Supreme V208 dash

Fenton, MI
2001 Supreme V210

The system works great! Couldn’t be happier and it was easy to install.


2001 Supreme V210 Medalist
2001 Supreme V210 Medalist dash

San Diego, CA
1998 SeaRay BR210

We have only been out a couple of times but the system is sick! After all these years building my ride to what I want I have rarely had a good pull for myself due to the difficulty of keeping a big stern drive at just the right speed. My friends got pretty good rides but with a lot of adjusting.

This is by far a no brainer having your system on my boat. Anyone can drive now and give a good pull. I am glad I waited for the GPS version because it works flawlessly. We ride on Mission Bay in San Diego, and there is tide current and it doesn’t seem to effect the speed at all.

The GPS is so responsive it’s amazing. The fact that it stays on and tracks GPS while the key is off was a great idea. It is on and ready as soon as the key is turned and the throttle is pushed. I have used PP the last couple of years on a friends boat and the Ridesteady system is way easier and faster to use than the other one. Kinda like how easy an iPhone is.

My install went quick and easy and was similar to the ones in the instruction book. I had to adjust the overshoot to compensate for the weight of the boat and it works great.


1998 SeaRay BR 210
1998 SeaRay BR 210 dash

New York, NY
2004 Cobalt 255

Ridesteady offers a feature set that is absolutely not provided by its chief competitor. In hindsight, the ease of installation and timeliness (and breadth) of support made purchasing a Ridesteady the perfect choice for me ... I should have done it sooner. My wife is already thanking me as we now no longer deal with constant progressive refinement of speed.. thank you Hydrophase for the great product!


2004 Cobalt 255
2004 Cobalt 255 dash
2013 Monterrey 194FS

Neath, Wales, United Kingdom
2013 Monterey 194FS

Took it out Friday night to try ..... was amazed at the difference, my SkiSki riding were the best runs ever .... instead of struggling with balance as my driver would be constantly altering pull, too fast, too slow etc. This control unit nailed it.

Seriously impressed with this piece of kit.

Update ... now been out a few times and can honestly say it performs superbly. Even in pretty fast running tide and 12mph wind on Sunday it made my runs on a SkySki brilliant, the lack of surging ... too fast, too slow as driver struggled to keep speed constant. My runs are now spot on the speed ... and I can control balance of SkySki far better time on each run ... the benefit Ridesteady has brought has far exceeded my expectations. Must have increased my time up on the water by a factor of 50 or more.

Driver also loves the fact that he just accelerates to pop me on water ... and then just concentrates on where he is going, no need for constantly looking at speedo and adjusting throttle.


2013 Monterey 194FS dash
2013 Monterey 194FS dash
2005 Four Winns 230 Horizon
2005 Four Winns 230 Horizon dash
2005 Four Winns 230 Horizon dash

Des Moines, IA
2005 Four Winns 230 Horizon

Our Ridesteady is installed in a Four Winns 230 Horizon, with a Volvo 5.7 duoprop. While not a true water sports boat, it serves as a general purpose family boat used for skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and general cruising.

The boat is fairly heavy and at wakeboard speeds is barely on plane and will tend to lose speed and required constant throttle adjustment to keep from going either too slow or too fast. The driver really had to be paying close attention. The Ridesteady eliminates that concern and allows the driver to concentrate on driving the boat. It maintains speed while turning and even while trimming to 'fine tune' the wake. Now my wife and rest of the family can all do a very good job giving quality rides.

The unit is easy to program for different speeds and rides. If you can operate any electronic device, you'll understand how to work the display almost intuitively. We have programmed in a generic "slalom" at 30 mph, a 'wakeboard' at 21 mph, and a 'cruise' at 26 mph. All work great and a simple turn of the knob allows for the speeds to be fine tuned for each rider. One of our favorite ways to end the day is a slow sunset cruise, so I even programmed in a 'sunset' 6 mph setting. Want complete manual control; a simple push of the power button and you're back to a standard throttle setup.

We do most of our boating on Table Rock Lake which is quite large and we will sometimes run 25 miles or more to a destination. I also use the RPM setting when cruising longer distances to make sure I hold the boat at its most efficient RPM setting.

The installation process went smoothly. If you are any kind of a do it yourselfer, you should be able to follow the process. I did the install complete with air and water temp sensors, routed and secured all cables, wires, etc and had it buttoned up in approximately 6 hours. Everything worked right out of the box.

The customer support I did need was quick and top notch. I had one question regarding changing some response parameters in a program. I sent the company an email on a Sunday afternoon figuring I'd hear back on Monday or sometime the following week. I actually got a response to my question that same afternoon.

I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone.


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