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Hydrophase Announces Ridesteady GPS Speed (Cruise) Control Support for Yamaha Jet Boats

[AUSTIN, TX] March 7, 2017 — Hydrophase ( today announced the launch of its Ridesteady boat speed control system for Yamaha jet boats.

Yamaha jet boats are popular, spacious, high value boats that have uprooted the traditional sterndrive market. However, they can be difficult to control to a precise and reliable speed, particularly when towing a wakeboarder, surfer, skier, etc. This can turn a leisurely day on the water into a stressful one for both driver and rider. Read more »

External displays have arrived

February 1, 2017 — External displays with rugged, dual-adjustable aluminum mounts are now available for purchase with Ridesteady Speed Control.

External displays are particularly useful when boats have gauges that are not easily removable, or incorporate multiple functions into one gauge.

All of the same features and functions that the traditional round displays have are built into the external display. Read more »

Hydrophase Develops GPS + GLONASS Technology For Unprecedented Performance

[AUSTIN, TX] January 29, 2015 — Hydrophase ( today announced the release of the industry’s first boat speed control with dual, simultaneous GPS and GLONASS technology.

“In keeping with our commitment to lead the market, we’ve harnessed the power of two separate satellite systems to provide unprecedented signal strength, reliability, and precision control. We’re excited to get the latest version of Ridesteady in customers' boats,” said Justin Muessig, CEO of Hydrophase LLC. Read more »

3.5" White Gauges and 5" Black Gauges Are Here!

June 9, 2014 - 3.5" gauges with white faceplates and 5" gauges with black faceplates are now available to complement your boat's instrument panel.

Select your preference at checkout! Read more »

New Ridesteady Boat Speed Control Owner Reviews Page

At Hydrophase, we receive many requests for customer reviews of our product. Take a look at our new review page here for unvarnished testimonials from Ridesteady owners.

Hydrophase’s New GPS-based Boat Speed (Cruise) Control Offers Unparalleled Performance and Features

[AUSTIN, TX] June 18, 2013 — Hydrophase ( today announced the launch of its flagship model, the GPS and RPM -enabled Ridesteady boat speed control system. Read more »

Hydrophase's Ridesteady Classic System Offers Constant Speed Over Water to Wakeboarders

[AUSTIN, TX] April 8, 2011 — Hydrophase ( has announced the launch of its Ridesteady boat speed control system from wakeboarding hotbed Austin, Texas.

Designed specifically for the wake sports community, the Ridesteady speed control system incorporates features not found in other systems, including speed-over-water technology, overshoot control, a one-second startup time, real-time lake temperature readings, and other items that address the particular needs of wakeboarders. Read more »

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