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Ridesteady -- GPS Boat Speed (Cruise) Control for All.

A new era in boat speed control has arrived. Now shipping for $1149.

Get $100 back when you submit pictures and info about your installation! Learn more here.

hydrophase ridesteady wakeboard GPS boat speed control

Cuss less, ride more.

Whether you’re wakeboarding, surfing, barefooting, or slalom skiing, we do it all. Discover the benefits Ridesteady will bring.

Why Ridesteady?Why Ridesteady?

Ridesteady on board.

The Ridesteady speed control system fits a wide range of recreational boats. What about yours? Learn how to get equipped.

HowHow to Start Riding Steady

Austin made. Wake approved.

Ridesteady pulls away from old technology. Get up to speed on the advanced features that set us apart.


Hydrophase Ridesteady vs. Perfectpass Stargazer
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