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Mechanical or Yamaha Jet Boat Throttle?

mechanical throttle

Mechanical Cable Based Throttle

Most pre-2006 boats; many 2006-current boats

Wakeboard, Ski, Runabout (I/O) boats

V-drive, Direct Drive, Stern Drive

Must have mechanical throttle cable going to engine

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Yamaha APS throttle

Yamaha Jet Boat Electronic Throttle

Yamaha Jet Boats (single and twin engine) with APS (Accelerator Position Sensor) on wall next to engine

2006-current AR210, SX210, SR210

2010-current AR240, 242 Limited

2012-current AR190, SX190

2013-current 212SS, 212X, AR192, SX192

2017-current AR195, SX195

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