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1985 Dixie Super Skier

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I was getting more into wakeboarding and was finding it very frustrating to keep the boat at a good wakeboarding speed. I considered getting a wakeboard boat with GPS speed control, but decided to upgrade my 1985 Dixie Super Skier with the Ridesteady GPS speed control instead. I prefer sticking with an I/O because it can handle shallow water better than an inboard.

The installation went well and it worked great the first time I started the boat up. I installed it in the fall for a big party and used it for 7 riders the first day out. With the GPS speed control on, I can start at full throttle and it will keep the boat at the correct speed with the default settings, even if left at full throttle. I highly recommend the water temperature sensor, which installed exactly where the old pitot tube ran.

-V.S., Durham, North Carolina, USA