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1989 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001

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Well, after several trips to the lake, I'm ready to report back on the Ridesteady Speed Control System.

On the first outing, after I engaged the cruise, Ridesteady took over with unbelievable smoothness and accuracy. I was blown away by the Control System's "lightning fast" ability to arrive, and maintain, the set speed. I was a bit skeptical and tried several speed variations while maneuvering the boat from side to side. All subsequent cruise events have been perfect. The only setting changed was the time zone for the clock. The Ridesteady Speed Control is perfect right out of the box.

The "Dial" Control Knob is a huge plus. The Ridesteady Speed Cruise System has enabled our 1989 Ski Nautique 2001 to pull riders with greater efficiency than any 50k - 60k boat I've driven over the past few years.

Great job!

-V.B., Granger, Texas, USA