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1992 Correct Craft Sport Nautique

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We’ve owned our Sport Nautique for years now and have often thought about how cool it would be to have a speed control system on it. But I always assumed it would be far too complicated (and expensive) to install, especially on an older boat.

I ran across the RideSteady system and thoroughly researched it. Could it really be that easy? And that affordable? Turns out…it was. If you can wire a stereo, you can install this system.

The hardest part was just fishing the wire for the water temperature sensor from the back of the boat through the hull and to a spot where I could reach it. Taking the back seat out and reaching down beside the stringer gave me enough access to grab the wire. Beyond that, it was a snap. Just follow the instructions, which are VERY well laid out and easy to follow. There is an install video that helps as well.

The system is attractive, very capable and has every “bell and whistle” you could want. I’m very impressed by this Hydrophase product! And the customer support is stellar as well. Why didn’t I find this system years ago? So stoked!

-D.B., Senoia, Georgia, USA