1994 Sanger DXII

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Just went out with it earlier today, and switched it from RPM based to GPS for footing. Seemed to work great. Had the driver pull me up to about 34-35mph for butt skiing (had the unit set at 39) , when my feet came off the rope to plant told the driver (not experienced) just to floor it, Ridesteady took over and kept it at 39, planted and got a great pull. Definitely gives you a great pull regardless of who’s driving, now all you need to do is make it steer the boat. ;)

Also, a little feed back… Slalom, worked great. Had a tournament level skier, 22off, running behind the boat, had it set GPS at 35mph, fluctuated from 34.6 to 35.4mpn while cutting, said it was the best pull he’s had behind my boat!

-J.G., Camino, California, USA