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1995 Malibu Sunsetter

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MAN THIS SYSTEM IS AWESOME. THAT KNOB IS THE BOMB!!! It is so easy to control speed and to set a new speed when you have someone in tow. It holds steady AT ALL SPEEDS. My kid's always have had a problem with barefooting speeds, and I'm really picky. This system is truly amazing.

I have had it in the boat for 4 weeks and have been on the water about 20 times. I have yet to experience a GPS issue or any other issue for that matter. INCREDIBLE! This is by far the best investment in boating I've made yet...BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. My wife can even drive the boat (a multi-tasker who thinks she can text, talk on the phone and hold the little one while towing me around).

I was pretty leery of the purchase as it seems the market belongs to perfect pass, but I like gadgets a bit more than I should and was sold on the temp gauges and knob. I'm glad I bought it now. I've used perfect pass on friends boats and still think you got them beat.

-D.D., Hotchkiss, Colorado, USA