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1998 Sea Ray BR210

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We have only been out a couple of times but the system is sick! After all these years building my ride to what I want I have rarely had a good pull for myself due to the difficulty of keeping a big stern drive at just the right speed. My friends got pretty good rides but with a lot of adjusting.

This is by far a no brainer having your system on my boat. Anyone can drive now and give a good pull. I am glad I waited for the GPS version because it works flawlessly. We ride on Mission Bay in San Diego, and there is tide current and it doesn’t seem to effect the speed at all.

The GPS is so responsive it’s amazing. The fact that it stays on and tracks GPS while the key is off was a great idea. It is on and ready as soon as the key is turned and the throttle is pushed. I have used PP the last couple of years on a friends boat and the Ridesteady system is way easier and faster to use than the other one. Kinda like how easy an iPhone is.

My install went quick and easy and was similar to the ones in the instruction book. I had to adjust the overshoot to compensate for the weight of the boat and it works great.

-T.R., San Diego, California, USA