2004 Chaparral 204 SSI | HYDROPHASE LLC

2004 Chaparral 204 SSI

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Could not be more pleased with the product. It solved the exact problem we were having – we are typically on the boat with other families, the boat is already heavy and hard to keep on plane so when younger riders are trying to wakeboard at relatively low speeds it is a constant battle to keep the boat at a consistent, low speed. This works perfect.

The installation felt a little intimidating at first until I watched a few videos and felt like I had my head around how it is intended to function. I then realized I was overthinking it. Its function is cleverly simple. I couldn’t find an exact picture or video for my boat so I had to make a few minor adjustments to what I saw from other boats. There was enough extra hardware options provided with it for me to do this without buying anything new. I just had to use the brackets provided a little differently to make sure the angles worked for my boat.

The very first time I put it in the water it worked perfectly! All I needed to do was adjust a few bolts because it was idling a little high, but that was a one-minute adjustment on the water.

-J.B., Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA