2005 Crownline 202 | HYDROPHASE LLC

2005 Crownline 202

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Used the Hydrophase system now for 3 days straight. One word: awesome! Makes towing wakeboarders and kneeboarders enjoyable for the driver.

A hidden benefit that I was not thinking about was the relaxation while cruising the lake. Our lake was very busy and rough yesterday. At the end of the day we went on a long cruise, which is usually hectic for the driver, to go slow over the wakes while keeping the boat on plane. I set the Hyrdrophase at 18 MPH and was as relaxed as the passengers. With the ability to fine tune the speed and collect good GPS speed information, I learned things about our boat I never knew. We've had this boat for 7 years and I'm usually so busy running the throttle, I've been missing some small things that I wouldn't have learned.

I'm like a kid with a new toy using the Hydrophase system. Great system, thanks.

-T.W., Clinton, Illinois, USA