2007 Glastron GX 205 | HYDROPHASE LLC

2007 Glastron GX 205

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I am not one that normally responds to surveys or other customer responses. However, I wanted to say how much I have been impressed by your product and customer service. Although I was a bit intimidated to install the Ridesteady device, I found the instruction manual to be extremely detailed and thorough and the pictures helped me to be sure I was on the right track. It probably took me a bit longer than most to complete the install but I was thrilled to turn the key to find that everything worked exactly as advertised.

I took the boat out this evening and loved how easy and intuitive it is to use the new Ridesteady. It holds speed very precisely and is a huge improvement over trying to adjust the throttle manually. I am looking forward to a summer of boating with my kids and the new Ridesteady!

Thank you again, what a cool product. I am truly impressed with how easy it was to install what seems like such a complicated product with a lot of wires!

-D.L., Dallas, Texas, USA