2012 Monterey 194FS | HYDROPHASE LLC

2012 Monterey 194FS

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Took it out Friday night to try ..... was amazed at the difference, my SkiSki riding were the best runs ever .... instead of struggling with balance as my driver would be constantly altering pull, too fast, too slow etc. This control unit nailed it.

Seriously impressed with this piece of kit.

Update ... now been out a few times and can honestly say it performs superbly. Even in pretty fast running tide and 12mph wind on Sunday it made my runs on a SkySki brilliant, the lack of surging ... too fast, too slow as driver struggled to keep speed constant. My runs are now spot on the speed ... and I can control balance of SkySki far better time on each run ... the benefit Ridesteady has brought has far exceeded my expectations. Must have increased my time up on the water by a factor of 50 or more.

Driver also loves the fact that he just accelerates to pop me on water ... and then just concentrates on where he is going, no need for constantly looking at speedo and adjusting throttle.

R.H., Neath, Wales, United Kingdom