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2013 Yamaha AR190

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The Yamaha AR190 is really hard to drive at a constant speed while towing a wakeboarder around 18 to 22 mph. Especially for people not used to the boat or with not as much experience driving boats towing. That means for me to enjoy wakeboarding, I had to have one of the two drivers that know how to handle the boat. I’ve had other drivers varying speeds up to +/- 5 mph, and that really kills all the fun in wakeboarding.

So the main reason for me to get Ridesteady was to be able to enjoy wakeboarding myself with less experienced drivers.

And I’m really happy with the system. It works very well, other than a little much overshoot that can be hard on beginners. For me, it delivers a great and constant pull without much variation and also holds the speed nice in the corners. Great buy!

-S.K., West Bloomfield, MI, USA