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2015 Yamaha 242 Limited S

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I was able to install the Ridesteady system in my 242 Limited S a few weeks ago and have put about 15 hours on the engines since then. I absolutely love it.

Great job with the integration, installation instructions and user interface. Installation was easy and straightforward. I took my time, ensuring everything was exactly correct and cleanly placed, and the entire job took me about 4 hours.

Operation has been flawless and highly intuitive. The RPM mode is by far the best upgrade I’ve made to the boat; I don’t have to think about engine operation at all while cruising. Speed control is highly precise, usually within a tenth of a knot or two. Adjustments while riding are very easy.

I wakeboarded while a friend with basically no boating experience drove. He learned the system immediately with no issues and I was able to enjoy riding.

The external mount fits great, looks good, and is easily readable and accessible while operating the boat. The RAM mount is very stable and is a great product choice.

-L.W., Alamogordo, NM, USA