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2016 Yamaha AR240

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I have been out on the lake a couple of times with it so far. Once just to mess with the settings and a couple of times since to try out some some watersports.

I pulled my sister wakesurfing, then let the wife (a novice driver with 1 season experience) pull me both surfing and the wakeboarding. It performed great each time. My wife especially liked it... I think it surpassed her expectation and met mine.

I really like cruising with it and the fact in synchronizes the RPM's! I feel like I have an E-series boat now... best mod yet!

Honestly I didn't know these devices existed until after my neighbor bought a used Yamaha with a Perfect Pass system last year. That's when I became interested in it, but didn't care for the more complicated install... It just didn't seem very do-it-yourself. But when I came across your system and researched it I was sold!

-J.C., Orem, Utah, USA