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2017 Yamaha 242 Limited S

IMPORTANT: The customer photos and information provided on this website have not been verified to be correct or valid installations by Hydrophase LLC. They are provided as a reference only. Always follow the Hydrophase Installation Guide, and contact Hydrophase LLC with any questions.

Installation on my 2017 Yamaha 242 Limited S was a breeze. Outside of buttoning up the wiring and mounting the control display/gauge…this was done within an hour.

I took exception to the rule of acquiring the “external” display /gauge and went with the round bezel as I was either going to drill and mount it above the throttle handles or someplace else. After some thought, I decided to utilize the useless cup holder that is located on the dash and create a mount. I ended up using a 4” 45 degree pvc elbow. The display fit perfectly in it and the pvc fit perfectly into the cup holder (after it was removed). I sealed it with black silicone which needs a little dressing up.

As far as utilizing it…IT’S PERFECT! We’ve tested it wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating. In all aspects, it works as designed and perfectly. Thanks to Justin and the Hydrophase team as my lake time is now optimized!

-J.A., Rockwall, Texas, USA