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Hydrophase’s New GPS-based Boat Speed (Cruise) Control Offers Unparalleled Performance and Features

[AUSTIN, TX] June 18, 2013 — Hydrophase (http://www.hydrophase.com) today announced the launch of its flagship model, the GPS and RPM -enabled Ridesteady boat speed control system.

Designed to maximize the potential of GPS in boat speed controls, the system introduces a number of firsts to the market including timed-standby, Ridestats™, real-time GPS compass and time, 50 custom “users”, and optional air and water temperature readings. All of this integrated into a control panel with a sunlight-viewable, backlit graphic LCD display and a high resolution, weather and splash –proof optical rotary knob that makes setting changes quick and simple.

“Our new Ridesteady speed control system was designed from the ground-up to be the easiest to use, highest performing, and most feature rich boat speed control in the industry,” said Justin Muessig, CEO of Hydrophase, LLC. “With the addition of GPS, we’re able to provide incredibly tight control that works great for double-up turns and highly ballasted boats, as well as add many useful new features, all without needing to drill any holes in your boat.”

The system comes standard with both GPS and RPM control. GPS control is well-suited to wake sports such as wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating, and kneeboarding, and slower-speed waterskiers. RPM control provides a super-smooth pull for slalom skiers at higher speeds. An optional paddlewheel may be purchased that adds speed-over-water control for those that ride on flowing rivers.

The timed-standby feature keeps the GPS actively tracking satellites even when the engine is off, for instant-restart capability. It also allows useful information to be displayed when the engine is off, including large-font GPS-synchronized time, air and water temperature, battery voltage, and elapsed and remaining time.

Ridestats™ keeps track of each user’s current, day, and all-time ride-time, and compares against all other users. This is useful for promotion of ride-time fairness, fuel sharing, training time, or just-for-fun.

Other popular features originally seen in the Ridesteady Classic speed control are also incorporated into the Ridesteady GPS boat speed control, including 0.1 MPH or KPH on-the-fly set speed adjustment, resistor-less low power throttle motor, fully-automatic and traditional “cruise control” mode, overshoot control, and more.

The Ridesteady GPS boat speed control system is available with 3.5” black aluminum or polished stainless steel control panel bezels to complement most instrument panels (5” control panels coming soon). It fits a wide-variety of boats from inboards (direct-drive) to V-drives to stern-drives (I/O), with both carbureted and fuel-injected mechanical-throttle engines.

More information can be accessed at http://www.hydrophase.com/ridesteady.

Hydrophase LLC is an energetic small company founded to improve the wakeboarding experience for riders of all levels by delivering wakeboarding-focused, high performance products to the wake sport community.

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