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Hydrophase Announces Ridesteady GPS Speed (Cruise) Control Support for Yamaha Jet Boats

[AUSTIN, TX] March 7, 2017 — Hydrophase (http://www.hydrophase.com) today announced the launch of its Ridesteady boat speed control system for Yamaha jet boats.

Yamaha jet boats are popular, spacious, high value boats that have uprooted the traditional sterndrive market. However, they can be difficult to control to a precise and reliable speed, particularly when towing a wakeboarder, surfer, skier, etc. This can turn a leisurely day on the water into a stressful one for both driver and rider.

The Ridesteady system fills this gap by providing advanced GPS and RPM based speed control designed specifically for Yamaha boats. One of its key advantages lies in its sophisticated electronic “throttle nodes”. In the past, heavy, hot motors were used to physically move the throttle cable in order to change the engine speed. These motors suffered from large power draw, high idle issues, mechanical calibration requirements, dependent twin engine speed control, etc. Hydrophase set out to design a system that would work with Yamaha jet boats on a more fundamental level with the creation of the throttle node technology.

The Ridesteady throttle nodes were built to integrate into both single and twin engine Yamaha boats by simply plugging into the throttle system. This not only makes installation much simpler, it also enables such features as a digital engine tachometer, RPM-based speed control, independent engine hour meters, and engine synchronization on twin engine boats—functionality not available on other speed control systems. Additionally, Ridesteady requires no calibration or mechanical adjustments ever, and draws significantly less power.

“The main goal in designing Ridesteady was to make the driver and rider’s life simpler and more relaxing by solving the speed control difficulty with Yamaha jet boats,” said Justin Muessig, CEO of Hydrophase, LLC. “With our ‘throttle node’ technology, we can now provide Yamaha boat owners with access to the most advanced speed control features on the market, which make wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, even tubing or cruising more enjoyable for everyone.”

Of course, Ridesteady for Yamaha jet boats inherits the plethora of exclusive features and ease of use that Ridesteady is known for: GPS (with GLONASS) based speed control; 0.1 MPH/KPH on-the-fly set speed adjustment; overshoot control; timed-standby; Ridestats™; real-time GPS compass and time; 50 custom “users”; and optional air and water temperature readings. All of this integrated into a control panel with a sunlight-viewable, backlit graphic LCD display and a weather and splash –proof optical rotary knob that makes setting changes quick and simple.

The Ridesteady speed control system for Yamaha jet boats is available for immediate purchase. More information can be accessed at http://www.hydrophase.com/yamaha.

Hydrophase LLC is an energetic small company founded to improve the water sports experience for riders of all levels by delivering high performance products to the water sport community.

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