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Hydrophase Develops GPS + GLONASS Technology For Unprecedented Performance

[AUSTIN, TX] January 29, 2015 — Hydrophase (http://www.hydrophase.com) today announced the release of the industry’s first boat speed control with dual, simultaneous GPS and GLONASS technology.

“In keeping with our commitment to lead the market, we’ve harnessed the power of two separate satellite systems to provide unprecedented signal strength, reliability, and precision control. We’re excited to get the latest version of Ridesteady in customers' boats,” said Justin Muessig, CEO of Hydrophase LLC.

GLONASS, a Russian-based satellite navigation system, provides an additional 24 satellites that the Ridesteady system can access to get the most precise fix on the boat’s speed. Together with the US-based GPS system, the Ridesteady speed control achieves its most accurate pull yet with the fastest acquisition time.

The orbital inclination of the GLONASS satellites also provides those in high latitudes (North or South) a stronger, more robust signal than GPS alone. Customers in areas like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, United Kingdom, South Africa, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and of course, Russia, will enjoy improved signal strength and reliability.

All Ridesteady systems are now shipping with the power of GPS+GLONASS technology.
More information can be accessed at http://www.hydrophase.com/ridesteady.

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