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Updated Firmware for Ridesteady for Yamaha Jet Boats

Firmware v.1.03 adds “fulltime” synchronization provisions to allow for engine sync on twin engine Yamaha jet boats when the speed control is not being used to regulate the boat speed (i.e. “OFF” mode). This allows the driver to manually control the throttle of the boat, while Ridesteady keeps the engines in sync.

Additionally, a “gate” has been added to prevent Ridesteady from being powered off before 1 minute has elapsed from engine stop. This is to prevent “check engine” lights from appearing if the user forces Ridesteady off before the engine’s ECMs have powered down.

“ENG SYNC: FULL” setting provides for engine sync anytime the boat speed is above 8 MPH. “SYNC MSTR: AUTO”, which allows Ridesteady to select which engine to adjust for synchronization, must also be set for “fulltime” engine synchronization to work. They are not default options, so they must be selected in the settings if “fulltime” engine sync is desired.