Auto Launch™ is now available as an option on Ridesteady for Yamaha Jet Boat units. Auto Launch allows the driver to push the throttle lever(s) full forward when bringing up a rider, with the Ridesteady system setting the acceleration towards the set speed based on the user profile.

With Ridesteady controlling the acceleration, the driver can focus on steering the boat while the rider gets the same, predictable bring-up acceleration every time. Additionally, initial set speed overshoot is greatly reduced, often eliminated.

The acceleration setting is tweakable in each user...


Firmware v.1.03 adds “fulltime” synchronization provisions to allow for engine sync on twin engine Yamaha jet boats when the speed control is not being used to regulate the boat speed (i.e. “OFF” mode). This allows the driver to manually control the throttle of the boat, while Ridesteady keeps the engines in sync.

Additionally, a “gate” has been added to prevent Ridesteady from being powered off before 1 minute has elapsed from engine stop. This is to prevent “check engine” lights from appearing if the user forces Ridesteady off before the engine’s ECMs have powered down.


[AUSTIN, TX] March 7, 2017 — Hydrophase ( today announced the launch of its Ridesteady boat speed control system for Yamaha jet boats.

Yamaha jet boats are popular, spacious, high value boats that have uprooted the traditional sterndrive market. However, they can be difficult to control to a precise and reliable speed, particularly when towing a wakeboarder, surfer, skier, etc. This can turn a leisurely day on the water into a stressful one for both driver and rider.

The Ridesteady system fills this gap by...


February 1, 2017 — External displays with rugged, dual-adjustable aluminum mounts are now available for purchase with Ridesteady Speed Control.

External displays are particularly useful when boats have gauges that are not easily removable, or incorporate multiple functions into one gauge.

All of the same features and functions that the traditional round displays have are built into the external display.