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How to Start Riding Steady

Get Ridesteady up and running fast.

hydrophase ridesteady wakeboard boat speed control

Boat Compatibility

The Ridesteady speed control system is generally compatible with recreational boats (runabout, ski, wakeboard) with 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines with mechanical throttle control, including both fuel injected and carbureted engines, as well as most drive formats (I/Os/stern drives, inboards/direct-drives, V-drives).

It is best if your boat has a pull-type throttle, where when the driver throttle lever is pushed down, the throttle cable “pulls-in” at the engine connection. However, we have also had successful customer installations on push-type throttles, such as OMC engine configurations. Contact us for more information.

Contribute to the community and get $100 back

Did you know that your Ridesteady installation can help other drivers -- and earn you $100? We’re growing our database of Ridesteady installation configurations as a knowledge resource for future customers.

After you purchase, we’ll send you an email with some basic boat information questions as well as requests for digital pictures of your installation. Send this back to us within 45 days of your purchase date, and we’ll credit your credit or debit card back $100.

Installation methods

Ridesteady is an aftermarket boat speed control that may be fitted to your boat through either a DIY installation or a dealer installation.

DIY Installation

If you’re mechanically inclined, you can follow the detailed step-by-step instructions included in the installation guide while leveraging Hydrophase Support's expertise to install the system yourself. Want to know what’s required? Read our installation guide here or contact us.

Dealer Install

If you’d rather have a marine specialist work on your boat, simply take the Ridesteady speed control system to your boat dealer for installation. We’ll be happy to discuss installation details with them.

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