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Customer Installs

We're grateful to share customer submitted installation pictures and testimonials. Our heartfelt thanks to our valuable customers for their generosity.
IMPORTANT: The customer photos and information provided on this website have not been verified to be correct or valid installations by Hydrophase LLC. They are provided as a reference only. Always follow the Hydrophase Installation Guide, and contact Hydrophase LLC with any questions.

Thanks for the quick shipping and especially for your responsive support and talking things through with me!

Installation on my 2017 Yamaha 242 Limited S was a breeze. Outside of buttoning up the wiring and mounting the control display/gauge…this was done within an hour.

Accurate control between 6 MPH and 25 MPH tested so far – has held +/- .2 MPH in choppy conditions… better than that in smooth water. Maybe it is just me being happy to have it but it feels like...

We’ve owned our Sport Nautique for years now and have often thought about how cool it would be to have a speed control system on it. But I always assumed it would be far too complicated (and...

It seems a great system as my wife said it made life very easy at 17 and 20 mph yesterday.

The system works great. We used the unit 2 days this last weekend and had no issues with the unit at all.

Everything went pretty smoothly with the installation. You’ve done a really nice job with this product.

Everything went great with the install. It took me about 3-4 hours this morning to install while taking my sweet time and a couple cups of coffee.

Installation was pretty straight forward. Biggest issue I had was getting the old speedometer out. The ring was cranked on to Nth degree. Had to fully remove dash plate and use giant channel...

The install was straight forward thanks to the detailed instructions. Took about 3-4 hours with a couple of breaks thrown in. I wish I would have purchased this much sooner!!!

I finished installing my ridesteady on a day off I had on Thursday this week and couldn't have been happier how it performed in my water test for a few minutes in between storms.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase.