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Customer Installs

We're grateful to share customer submitted installation pictures and testimonials. Our heartfelt thanks to our valuable customers for their generosity.
IMPORTANT: The customer photos and information provided on this website have not been verified to be correct or valid installations by Hydrophase LLC. They are provided as a reference only. Always follow the Hydrophase Installation Guide, and contact Hydrophase LLC with any questions.

Took a test run today and [Ridesteady] seemed to work great! Thanks a bunch

We are THOROUGHLY ENJOYING the Ridesteady controller as it makes towing and cruising some much less work for the driver. Installation was very straightforward and looks factory with the connectors...

The product has been fantastic so far. It’s been a great improvement for both inexperienced and seasoned drivers and the wakeboarders they tow!

Loved the Hydrophase this season. Very happy with it.

Just wanted to share that I purchased the Ridesteady and completed the installation last weekend. Install was simple and all of the components were great quality, and easy to install. Plug and...

I'm not mechanically inclined but was able to install the system myself. If I had to do it again I would bet that the install time would be cut in half.

The system works great! I typically...

Install was easy and the system seemed to work great when I tried it out yesterday.

I recently purchased a brand new 2019 Yamaha AR210 and after putting 3 hours on it I was seriously thinking about trading it in because it was impossible to keep a constant speed and the engines...

It ran perfectly at the lake last week and I'm very happy with the performance. Thanks!

I felt the install was straight forward and have been very happy with the product.

I put it through it's paces and it does everything you promised it would. Great addition to an already great boat. Definitely love the throttle sync.

Everything worked perfectly!