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Customer Installs

We're grateful to share customer submitted installation pictures and testimonials. Our heartfelt thanks to our valuable customers for their generosity.
IMPORTANT: The customer photos and information provided on this website have not been verified to be correct or valid installations by Hydrophase LLC. They are provided as a reference only. Always follow the Hydrophase Installation Guide, and contact Hydrophase LLC with any questions.

I finished installing my ridesteady on a day off I had on Thursday this week and couldn't have been happier how it performed in my water test for a few minutes in between storms.

Install was very easy. Only issue I had was removal of the existing speedometer. Had to remove the whole console and carefully break it out with a large flat screwdriver as it was cross threading...

I recently purchased a brand new 2019 Yamaha AR210 and after putting 3 hours on it I was seriously thinking about trading it in because it was impossible to keep a constant speed and the engines...

What an amazing product! Installation was a breeze and the system works flawlessly, It makes lake days so much more enjoyable.

I was finally able to go through with the installation today! It worked flawlessly the first time!

I felt the install was straight forward and have been very happy with the product.

This is the second time I install the Ridesteady Speed Control System and it was even faster to install this time. Amazing good system.

Thank you for a great product. Install was very straightforward and the photos from other's installs were very helpful in routing the new wires. The system works great and does keep the boat...

The ridesteady is fantastic and is by far the best upgrade I’ve done to the boat. I should’ve bought this last year when I purchased the boat. It is plug and play and has worked flawlessly. Very...

Everything works flawlessly and is a beast! The notification of more gas with arrows and the notification that it is disengaged is very slick.

Thanks for a simple and straight forward, well documented installation. And thanks for your rapid response and support.

Holds speed perfectly, syncs engines perfectly. So far, I'm so impressed. I can't wait for it to warm up and get in the water so I can ride with a steady speed!