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Customer Installs

We're grateful to share customer submitted installation pictures and testimonials. Our heartfelt thanks to our valuable customers for their generosity.
IMPORTANT: The customer photos and information provided on this website have not been verified to be correct or valid installations by Hydrophase LLC. They are provided as a reference only. Always follow the Hydrophase Installation Guide, and contact Hydrophase LLC with any questions.

The install was straight forward and it was very helpful to have install pictures available of similar boats. The Hydrophase worked great on our first trip out. It proved to be fairly intuitive in...

The system was very easy to install and the directions were very detailed.

Really enjoying the Ridesteady, sure makes for a very enjoyable experience!

I installed the GPS cruise control and it worked great.

Got my Ridesteady yesterday and had it installed and on the water the same day. It's working great. Thanks

The Hydrophase Ridesteady is working like a charm. Very, very happy with it.

This product was super easy to install! It only took about 75 minutes for me to do from start to finish. Then I spent about 20 min to adjust all of the settings and make 12 presets. I cannot wait...

The install was easy and smooth and the product works as advertised. I haven't changed any settings as the stock settings work well enough for me. Thanks for the quick shipping and so far a...

I felt the install was straight forward and have been very happy with the product.

The product has been fantastic so far. It’s been a great improvement for both inexperienced and seasoned drivers and the wakeboarders they tow!

We put it to its first real use this weekend. I even got my wife to pull me wakeboarding which is a big deal!

Thanks for the quick shipping and especially for your responsive support and talking things through with me!