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Ridesteady for Yamaha Features

Plentiful.   Intuitive.   Refined.

hydrophase ridesteady wakeboard boat speed control yamaha display node

Simple operation

(1) Select the user or set the desired speed using the rotary knob.
(2) Press the ON/OFF button to engage the system.
(3) Push the throttle down.
That’s it -- Ridesteady does the rest. Need to take over? Simply pull back on the throttle to temporarily disengage the system.

Control panel with rotary knob and graphic LCD

The sleek, dash-mountable control panel features a stainless steel or black bezel to complement your instrument panel. The machined, solid aluminum knob makes changing the 50-custom users or settings a pleasure. The sunlight-viewable, backlit graphic LCD display, which can be set to dim when the navigation lights are turned on, puts all the important information in a easy-to-read, real-time format.

Engine Hour Meters

No need to guess how many hours your engines have. Ridesteady keeps track of each engine's hours independently. It also has separate "trip meters" that can be used to track engine hours since the last maintenance interval.

Engine Synchronization

Ridesteady's advanced electronic throttle control provides for engine synchronization on twin-engine Yamaha Jet Boats. This helps keep the engines at equal power output, maximizing efficiency, and reducing dissonant noise and vibration.

Instant restart with timed-standby

The timed-standby function keeps the GPS actively tracking satellites even when the engine is off. This allows for an instant restart and keeps useful information on the screen such as the air and water temperature, battery voltage, and large-font time. Riders will appreciate not having to decide between a safe boat entry with the engine off or a quick speed control restart time. Now you can have both.

hydrophase ridesteady wakeboard boat speed control 4 inch display

Real-time air and lake temperature

Want to know how painful that first run of the season will be, before taking the plunge? The LCD continuously displays the air and water temperature in real-time, even during active speed control, with the optional temp sensors. The best part? You often don’t need to drill any holes in your boat!

Adjustable overshoot control

Tweak your overshoot control preference using our intuitive menu system, and then watch your boat hit the set speed fast with little or no overshoot. It's great for getting back up to speed for multiple runs when trying out a new trick.

Intelligent electronic throttle control

Let your battery and alternator power your engine and sound system instead of your speed control. Ridesteady has no heavy, hot, and power wasting motors that need to be drilled into your boat and calibrated. If you can unplug and plug in connectors, you can install Ridesteady’s throttle nodes.

Safety first

Our “throttle reduction” technology has dedicated hardware and software that prevent the speed control from going any faster than the driver allows, to provide for the safest possible operating environment.


Ridestats keep track of the user’s current ride-time, day ride-time, and all-time ride-time. It also displays the percentage of ride-time compared to all other users for the day, and all-time. Use this feature to promote ride-time fairness, fuel sharing, training time, or just-for-fun.

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