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I am very happy with the RideSteady product. For me, the install was a breeze. After fiddling with it for a bit, using it became second...

The ridesteady is fantastic and is by far the best upgrade I’ve done to the boat. I should’ve bought this last year when I purchased the...


Our most advanced system yet.
Our most popular system.
Our most affordable system.

No more arguments on the water! We guarantee that our Ridesteady speed control will make time behind your boat pleasurable and driving fun.


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I tested it on the water and it works well. To get it to work with an outboard, I had to make a...

I recently purchased a brand new 2019 Yamaha AR210 and after putting 3 hours on it I was...

Installation on my 2017 Yamaha 242 Limited S was a breeze. Outside of buttoning up the wiring...

Just had to report back. Finally got my boat out on the water yesterday, after the long winter...