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Things went well on the water - no surprises. It is easy to use which is really nice.

Ridesteady took over with unbelievable smoothness and accuracy. I was blown away by the Control System's "lightning fast" ability to...


Our most advanced system yet.
Our most popular system.
Our most affordable system.

No more arguments on the water! We guarantee that our Ridesteady speed control will make time behind your boat pleasurable and driving fun.


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I finished installing my ridesteady on a day off I had on Thursday this week and couldn't have...

Thanks for the great product. Took it out on the water today and it is just what I’ve needed...

Great product! We took it out for wakesurfing and the unit performed flawlessly. Nothing but...

Overall great product and allowing for smoother ride and more enjoyable time on the water. Thank...