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I was able to install the Ridesteady Speed Control (GPS) in one weekend. The directions were easy to follow and I didn’t have any issues....

The system works great! Couldn't be happier and it was easy to install.


Our most advanced system yet.
Our most popular system.
Our most affordable system.

No more arguments on the water! We guarantee that our Ridesteady speed control will make time behind your boat pleasurable and driving fun.


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I recently purchased a brand new 2019 Yamaha AR210 and after putting 3 hours on it I was...

The product has been fantastic so far. It’s been a great improvement for both inexperienced and...

In GPS mode the speed holds perfectly, within a tenth…much more accurate than anything I could...

Everything works perfect! I used it last week on vacation at Lake Possum Kingdom and it was the...