Ridesteady GPS Speed Control for Yamaha Jet Boats | HYDROPHASE LLC

Ridesteady GPS Speed Control for Yamaha Jet Boats

  • For Yamaha Jet Boats
  • 4" Display
  • 4" Display
  • 4" Display
  • 4" Display
  • With Mount
Price: $1,595.00


  • CPU
  • Control Panel with Graphic LCD Display
  • Throttle Node(s)
  • GPS+GLONASS Receiver
  • RPM Cable(s)
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Connection Kit
  • Installation and Operation Guide
  • One year limited warranty
  • 60 day return policy


  2006-newer AR210, SX210, SR210

  2010-newer AR240, SX240, 242 Limited

  2012-newer AR190, SX190, 212SS, 212X

  2013-newer AR192, SX192

  2017-newer AR195, SX195, 212 Limited, 190FSH

  2018-newer 210FSH

  2020-newer 212S, 212, 195S, 195FSH

  2021-newer AR250, SX250, 252S, 252FSH

  2023-newer AR220, SX220, 222S, 222FSH, 220FSH

Choose options below:

The number of engines in your Yamaha Jet Boat.
Check here for more information on gauge sizes. 4" gauges are also known as 3.5" (as they require a 3.5" hole).
Displays the air / water temperature on the control panel display. Note that if you purchase the optional paddlewheel, the water temperature sensor is built-in.
Add this wire if you control your Nav Lights through Connext (i.e. not a traditional helm switch). This extension enables Nav Light tapping at the SPU harness or a light.
Select Yes if your boat has the TR-1 engine [2017-newer AR/SX210, 2018-newer 210FSH, 2023-newer AR/SX220, 220FSH].
Adds Auto Launch functionality. More information here.