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2012 Yamaha SX210

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First thing I will say is the Ridesteady works great, what a difference it made for me to be able to wakeboard at a constant 19mph behind my own boat. Generally I never got to ride due to other drivers not being able to control the speed well.

Installation was very easy, I took my time spending about 5hrs for the complete install, but took care to route the wires nicely. I did have to correct one mistake I made early on, I was facing the back of the boat and mounted the port control on my left side, oops, but easily corrected.

As shown in my pictures, I did not need to remove the dash, as I was able to access the back from behind the bow seating. There was a nice piece of plywood fiberglassed in to hold the stereo support with made a great mounting place for the control electronics. The GPS receiver was mounted in front of the windshield, under the fiberglass, so far it works well there.

T.S., Scotia, New York, USA