2015 Yamaha AR192 | HYDROPHASE LLC

2015 Yamaha AR192

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The Hydrophase Ridesteady is a seamless upgrade that adds value and significant functional / performance improvements to my Yamaha Boat. Not only was the installation simple and straightforward, the navigation and usability are fantastic. The user interface is very intuitive, and the unique use of a rotary/push knob makes changing settings effortless, taking only moments. I wish the stock Yamaha multi-function tachometer was even half as easy to use.

I love that the unit goes into standby. This provides useful info when the boat is off and maintains GPS tracking so you’re immediately ready to go after a rider change or short break.

Having years of experience towing riders behind sterndrives and outboards I found towing with a jetboat far more difficult to maintain the correct speed and was constantly adjusting the throttle. Even the Yamaha Cruise Assist required constant adjustment. The Ridesteady does all this for you. You can hear constant adjustments being made but with the Ridesteady engaged I don’t need to watch the speed and can focus on driving.

Wake surfing in particular shows all the benefits and strengths of the Ridesteady. Without speed control towing a wake surfer behind a jetboat is frustrating at best and the Yamaha Cruise Assist is not even close to being a capable alternative.

Shortly after buying my boat I researched speed control options. The Ridesteady was the clear winner as the only one designed specifically for Yamaha boats. In my research the only regret I heard from Ridesteady owners was that they should have ordered it sooner. I decided not to delay and I’m very glad I got it installed as quickly as I did. This will certainly save some arguments and make time on the water more enjoyable.

Even cruising with the Ridesteady is helpful. I typically use the RPM mode to ensure I’m dialed in at a power efficient zone which in particularly important in choppy water.

Teaching new drivers is also much easier and stress free. I can set a comfortable speed for my daughter to gain some experience without concern.