2017 Stingray 182SC | HYDROPHASE LLC

2017 Stingray 182SC

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I tested it on the water and it works well. To get it to work with an outboard, I had to make a few modifications to the servo platform and throttle body but, overall, a fairly straightforward install.

Since I had to replace a speedometer/fuel gauge combo, I also had to install a new fuel gauge beside the new Ridesteady display.

In order to make the servo motor assembly fit inside the outboard motor's cowling, I had to cut a corner off the stainless steel bracket.

Also, I had to extend the throttle arm about 3/4" to accommodate a side-mount connection for the throttle reduction connection.

Lastly, I had to install a support assembly over the throttle body to support the weight of the extended throttle linkage.

-C.R., Apex, North Carolina, USA