Ridesteady Auto Launch™

Let Ridesteady control the launch out of the hole – say “bye” to overshoot!

Ridesteady with AutoLaunch [full throttle start] with low set speed demonstration

What is Auto Launch?

  • Ridesteady automatically controls the ramp up to the set speed
  • Requires initial calibration to your boat / setup

Why should I get it?

Driver Simplicity

  • Allows the driver to push the throttle lever(s) [binnacles] all the way forward every time
  • No worrying about how fast to bring up a particular rider – just use their profile and acceleration preference and push the throttle lever(s) forward
  • Since the throttle lever(s) are pushed full forward, there is less risk of “throttle drop,” where the throttle lever(s) creep back towards idle with the vibration of the boat

Rider Predictability

  • Same acceleration out of the hole every time, regardless of who’s driving
  • Tweakable for little to no overshoot of the set speed
  • Acceleration settable per user, so beginners can have a slower bring up while more experienced riders can have a faster hole shot

How is it different from the standard software?

  • Without AutoLaunch, the driver accelerates the boat up to the set speed, and Ridesteady takes over from there
  • With AutoLaunch, that task is managed by simply pushing the throttle levers forward from the start
  • AutoLaunch selectable per user, so the "standard" launch mode is available by default

Where can I download the guide?

  • The Ridesteady for Yamaha Installation and Operation Guide, with the AutoLaunch update highlighted in yellow, may be downloaded here.