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Hydrophase Ridesteady vs. Perfect Pass® Stargazer for Yamaha Jet Boats

Compare features; usability; quality.

Feature HP RS PP SG Benefit
RPM-mode Great for slalom skiing, cruising, or anytime a constant force pull is desired. Also used for a smooth cruise home, optimizing gas mileage.
Tachometer Digital engine speed readout in RPM.
Engine synchronization (automatic) Keeps the engines at the same output, equalizing wear on the engines, maximizing efficiency, and reducing dissonant noise and vibration. Can be disabled for differential RPM operation if desired. Full-time operation (even when manually controlling the throttle) now available.
Rotary knob / push button navigation Enables quick and easy speed and setting changes. No key combinations to remember.
0.1 MPH set speed adjustment Even small speed changes can change the quality of the wake. Don't be limited by 0.2-0.3 MPH set speed increments.
Always independent throttle operation Ridesteady always keeps the throttles on twin engines boats independent. You can choose to have Ridesteady automatically sync the engines, or run with “differential RPM” for surfing while maintaining the GPS set speed.
Fail-safe independent throttle reduction hardware Prevents the speed control from going any faster than the driver allows. An electrical version of the fail-safe system employed in our mechanical-throttle speed controls.
Genuine OEM APS connector with gold plated contacts Ridesteady uses the same APS connector and gold plated contacts as used by Yamaha in your boat. It provides the best signal integrity while avoiding galvanic corrosion to your APS and engine wiring harness from tin plated “compatible” connectors.
Dual GPS+GLONASS Nav Sat Enabled Access to 24 more satellites than GPS alone translates into a more robust signal with a quick acquisition time. Improved satellite access for those in high latitudes (North and South).
Independent engine hour meters with trip Keeps track of engine hours on twin engines, independently. Engine hour “trip” useful for tracking season or maintenance interval time.
Optional Auto Launch™ Control Let Ridesteady control the launch for the same bring-up every time, regardless of who's driving
Adjustable overshoot control Helps minimize overshoot out of the hole.
Optional full-time air/water temperature sensors Keeps you up-to-date on whether to put the wetsuit on or not.
Low-power "Standby" mode Keeps satellite tracking fresh for instant engine restart and the smoothest pull. No waiting for reacquisition.
GPS signal quality, # sats display Keep apprised of the signal quality and number of satellites being used.
GPS Compass Know which direction you're headed when the shores all look the same.
50, 10-character users Setup custom profiles for every rider and water sport. Glide through them easily with the rotary knob.
Ridestats Keep track of riders' current, day, and all-time ridetimes. Makes ride-time or fuel sharing a breeze.
Backlight dimming with Nav Light Detection Don't be blinded by a bright backlight at night. Ridesteady automatically dims down to a custom level when the navigation lights are turned ON.
Conformal-coated circuit boards Conformal coating reduces the opportunity for humidity-induced corrosion that may damage the circuit boards over time.
One Year Limited Warranty Made in Austin, Texas. Domestic US sales, support, parts availability, and shipping. No international credit card transaction fees for US customers.

Perfect Pass is a registered trademark of Perfectpass Control Systems, Inc

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