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2019 Yamaha AR210

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I recently purchased a brand new 2019 Yamaha AR210 and after putting 3 hours on it I was seriously thinking about trading it in because it was impossible to keep a constant speed and the engines were never the same RPM's.

I was used to driving my buddies Malibu 23 LSV so when I purchased my new AR210 and could not keep the same speed both myself and the wakeboarders behind my boat were both getting frustrated which made for a stressful, non-enjoyable day.

This Ridesteady system is a game changer. You just set the speed and forget it. Before the Ridesteady system I was constantly hitting the + and - on the useless factory "Cruise Assist" button. Also this Ridesteady system is so much easier to use than the factory Malibu system plus has many more options.

After putting 20 hours on the system this weekend I would 100% recommend to anyone who has a Yamaha. This is a must for anyone who does wakeboarding or water skiing. Or just anyone who wants to cruise around and easily keep the engines synced and have an enjoyable cruise.

-C.D., Mc Alisterville, Pennsylvania, USA