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Hydrophase Ridesteady vs. Perfect Pass® Stargazer

Compare features; usability; quality.

Feature HP RS PP SG Benefit
Dual GPS+GLONASS Nav Sat Enabled Access to 24 more satellites than GPS alone translates into a more robust signal with a quick acquisition time. Improved satellite access for those in high latitudes (North and South).
Rotary knob / push button navigation Enables quick and easy speed and setting changes. No key combinations to remember.
0.1 MPH set speed adjustment Even small speed changes can change the quality of the wake. Don't be limited by 0.2-0.3 MPH set speed increments.
Adjustable overshoot control Helps minimize overshoot out of the hole.
Intelligent, IC-controlled, resistor-less motor design Uses less than half of the power of old, inefficient driving schemes. No super-hot resistors in your engine compartment either.
Optional full-time air/water temperature sensors1 Keeps you up-to-date on whether to put the wetsuit on or not.
Low-power "Standby" mode Keeps satellite tracking fresh for instant engine restart and the smoothest pull. No waiting for reacquisition.
GPS time, always on main screen2 Always know what time it is, without having to turn OFF the speed control.
GPS signal quality, # sats display Keep apprised of the signal quality and number of satellites being used.
GPS Compass Know which direction you're headed when the shores all look the same.
50, 10-character users3 Setup custom profiles for every rider and water sport. Glide through them easily with the rotary knob.
Ridestats Keep track of riders' current, day, and all-time ridetimes. Makes ride-time or fuel sharing a breeze.
Backlight dimming with Nav Light Detection Don't be blinded by a bright backlight at night. Ridesteady automatically dims down to a custom level when the navigation lights are turned ON.
Lightweight throttle motor assembly
(< 2 lb)
A more efficient driving scheme means we can use a smaller and lighter motor. The less weight on your engine the better.
Sealed throttle motor connector Environmentally-sealed connector in the engine compartment means reduced corrosion and faulty connections.
Solid stainless steel motor collar Don't settle for a thin plastic radio knob being used to control your boat. We use a custom, solid stainless steel collar that won't crack over time.
Conformal-coated circuit boards Conformal coating reduces the opportunity for humidity-induced corrosion that may damage the circuit boards over time.
RPM-mode Great for slalom skiing at higher speeds. Also used for a smooth ride home, optimizing gas mileage.
Tachometer Digital engine speed readout in RPM.
Tournament-Skiing 3-event (Slalom, Jump, Trick) mode Ridesteady does not support 3-event tournament ski functions.
One Year Limited Warranty Made in Austin, Texas. Domestic US sales, support, parts availability, and shipping.

Perfect Pass is a registered trademark of
Perfectpass Control Systems, Inc. Comparison data based on Perfect Pass Stargazer software 8.001Z, March, 2015.
1 Perfect Pass Stargazer will display water temperature if paddlewheel installed.
2 Perfect Pass Stargazer will display GPS time when speed control OFF or "GPS Info" menu is accessed.
3 Perfect Pass Stargazer has 8, 6-character "Quick List".

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