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2003 Starcraft Aurora 2000

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I had been looking for a speed control for about a year after a co-worker had told me about one he had installed. The speed control was predominately needed when I was being pulled because I never knew how fast the boat would be going at any given time (too fast or too slow and never just right). While driving I could manage pulling people but it required constant adjustments.

Although my co-worker installed a different brand he recommended the Ridesteady because it had features that his didn’t have. The installation was straightforward and relatively easy. The directions were very easy to follow and documented the installation well. My only comment about the instructions was that the throttle motor wiring had to be run separate from any other wires but I had run the wires prior to reading that section – this could be noted earlier in the instructions. Also, the throttle motor is located below a seam on my I/O motor cover so I ended up making a shroud to prevent water from dripping on it using some .020” aluminum sheet metal I had. The aluminum shroud was then zip tied to the top of the throttle motor. It would be good to give an example of types of covers in the manual if there is potential for water to drip on the throttle motor but I will send a picture to Hydrophase for future references.

The biggest notable benefit is that when I pull people it is less taxing because I don’t have to constantly adjust the engine speed to keep at a constant speed now. Overall very satisfied and I can’t wait to use it again.

-R.G., Cypress, Texas, USA